Supplier Management

Sometimes it is about who you know.

With so many new contenders vying for a place in the Canadian donor recognition and awards market, supplier management becomes a prime differentiator. The distinction between industrial services, promotional materials in this specialized niche market is blurring. Contracts are being awarded to large, sometimes international, industrial engravers and PR firms to fulfill gifts and award requirements.  Donor and corporate recognition don’t always neatly comply with an existing system of off the shelf customizable options or a rigid, restricted art department. These organizations, often focused on mass production, are simply not equipped to manufacture outside of their product lines and operations structures. They do not work with alternate materials, sizes, shapes or techniques. A custom Pantone colour, a complex logo or that one donor or executive who needs to see 6 renditions of their layout could present an impasse. Their production model is fixed and these deviations do not comply. Suddenly, these services are not so interchangeable. In these impasses with suppliers we are seeing a consistent stream of these exceptions trickling in our direction. This is why Awards by Presidential deems supplier management one of our main concerns.

We offer a vast assortment of off-the-shelf solutions that coupled with our diverse techniques has opened the door to virtually limitless options for personalization.  We’ve expanded to adopt new printing technologies and 3D engraving allowing for maximum diversity and exceptions.  With over a couple of decades under our belt as a custom design and build firm we’ve been tasked with just about every challenge you can imagine. We’ve been able to find exquisite materials and methods not typically considered.  We have embedded 14K gold flakes into crystal and developed custom minted ingots that float in a Lucite column.  We have etched portraits illustrated by our talented artists into crystal, metals and have even explored incorporating precious stones into crystal.  We were tasked with reproducing alumni lapel pins that looked like “owls” into an accurate depiction of the actual iconic building they were meant to capture.  Fundraising jerseys, bricks, salvaged rocks from foundations and antique film reels have been transformed into timeless keepsakes.

We have developed a veritable arsenal of artisans, craftsmen and leaders in their respective areas of manufacturing or artistry. Beyond their skill sets is a willingness to undertake new challenges and partner toward developing unique solutions.  With an appreciation for the arts and a continual pursuit of innovation we have invested in relationships.  These collaborations foster the remarkable as we co-create with our clients and our formidable production force.  Along with our subcontractors we have opened our arms to the sensibilities and inherent sentiments that enrich the diverse and distinctive characteristics of organizations and individuals.  The next time you have an idea that seems impossible, try us first.

– Susanne Sukic